TwoTravelingTots – Who Are We?

Who are we? And why you should listen to our advice!


Why in the world should you even listen to our travel advice?

I’m Lisa, an Expat mom of two endlessly energetic kids. My hubby and I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark from the States over 5 years ago for his job.  In those past 5+ years, we’ve grown to a family of four and traveled to over 30 countries and 49 cities with our two toddlers while living in wonderful Copenhagen! From from far off wanderlust destinations like Thailand, Philippines and Australia to local jaunts in Italy, Luxembourg and Spain, we’re trying to visit as many countries as we can before leaving Europe.  Yuup, that’s right, all those places and all those cities and all those flights…all with our kids….all the time! It’s not easy and sometimes it’s not fun, but we always enjoy the experience and the children always learn so much.

Our two children are now ages 4 and 1.5, and both their first international flights were at 6 and 8 weeks old.  We started early!

In addition to traveling for pleasure, we also travel to see our respective families.  My family lives in the US while my husband’s family lives in Australia.  Our tiny little family lives right in the middle in Copenhagen.  So we split up our time and travel between visits to New York and Sydney, with a trip to Sydney at least once a year and several visits to NYC.  24+ hour flight time to Sydney with a baby, toddler or both is no easy task.  Almost makes the 8 hour flight to NYC seem like a joke.  hahah. Totally not though!

260,248 miles traveled in the past 5 years!

So after all these flights and journeys, we’ve really learned how to travel efficiently and effectively with babies and toddlers. (Now the attorney in me is coming out…effectively and efficiently..haha.)  We’re here to share those tips, tricks and tales with you so that the thought of traveling with a baby or toddler doesn’t make you feel like curling into a ball and hiding in the corner.  Pretty much how I used to feel about getting on a plane when we were new to traveling with a baby.



So once we’ve inspired your wanderlust to brave traveling with children, we’ll also provide you with tips and tricks on all the destinations we’ve been! Gonna look back at those 30 countries we’ve visited and give you certain “good to know” tips for traveling to those destinations with kids!

So look to this space for a whole bunch of tips on:

  • How to get around an airport/airplane with toddlers and babies
  • How to get through security with kids
  • What to do on a flight with kids
  • Airplane friendly toys based on age
  • Best Apps based on age
  • Destination Tips for Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia
  • And tons of more tips!!!

We hope that you don’t stop traveling once having kids…it’s totally possible and doable!

Petting a kangaroo at Koala Park Sanctuary in Sydney


Author: TwoTravelingTots

After traveling to 31 countries and 50 cities with two kids, we're here to share travel tips and tricks to make traveling with babies and toddlers easier!

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